Hans Gustav Adolf Gross was born December 26, 1847 in Gratz.
During 1869–1870 H. Gross studied at the gymnasia and Gratz University.
In July 31, 1870 he received academic degree of the doctor of law at Gratz University. In 1871 Gross commenced to work as an investigator in Feldbass, Leoben (Upper Styria) and Gratz. In 1878–1879 Hans Gross participated in military operations on the territory of Bosnia. In 1890–1892 Hans Gross worked as an assistant of the prosecutor.
In 1893 Hans Gross published his "Manual for investigators, police officials, gendarmes". March 12, 1894 Gross became the deputy prosecutor, started to give course about correlative criminal and juridical sciences for officers of gendarmerie in Vienna. Acknowledgement of Hans Gross’s attainment was his award «Knight’s Cross of Franz Josef Order”. In 1895 in Lints, Austria the international union of criminologists congress was held. Its participants called Gross the father of Criminalistics and took a decision to include teaching Criminalistics in the curriculum of the Law Faculties.
August 1, 1895 Hans Gross founded the museum of criminalistics in Gratz. He also demanded opening of the Institute of Criminalistics at Gratz Land Court. In May 1896 Gross was refused to receive the academic degree of the private assistant professor according to the results of his research, which defence had taken place at the Department of Law, Gratz University. August 1, 1898 Gross, without the academic degree of the assistant professor, was sent to Chernivtsi University. He lived at number 26, Semygorod Street. Nowadays in Chernivtsi it is the part of Holovna Street, that is between Chervonoarmiyska Street and south line of the city. In December 16, 1898 Gross was appointed as an ordinary professor of the criminal law at Chernivtsi University.
Since March 1, 1899 till July 31, 1902 Gross taught at Chernivtsi University the courses of the criminal process, substantive criminal law and penal law. In 1899 Hans Gross published the third edition of «Manual for investigators as a system of Criminalistics». In 1899–1900 Gross worked on a position of the Dean at the Faculty of Law.
In 1898 Hans Gross, working in Chernivtsi, founded the journal «Files of the Criminal Anthropology and Criminalistics», which at that time was the only edited publication of such a rank at Chernivtsi University. Till 1902 there were 9 issues of «Files». Their publishing was under the editorship of Hans Gross. In 1902 Hans Gross published the monograph “Criminal Psychology”. In 1902 Hans Gross’s scholastic activity was over in Chernivtsi – in March 3, 1902 he was sent to German University in Prague. In the same year in Prague “Selected Articles of Criminalistics” were published, 1905 – the second edition of “Criminal Psychology”. In July 20, 1905 Hans Gross was invited on a position of the professor ordinary of Austrian criminal procedure at Gratz University. During 1910–1911 Hans Gross worked on a Dean’s position, Faculty of Law at Gratz University. February 17, 1913 Gross was appointed director of the Institute of Criminalistics at Gratz University.
In December 9, 1915 Hans Gross died of pneumonia in his own house at number 6 Gerdergasse. He was buried in the family grave at St. Peter’s cemetery in Gratz.

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